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Voice-Over Consultation


This one-on-one consultation can be in person or via phone or Skype.

Topics to be covered:

  • ·    How to get the auditions with "pay and play" sites, like voices123.com, voice.com, etc.
  • ·     How to get your demo script ready for the production studio.
  • ·     What equipment (mic, user-interface, etc.) is necessary to get started with your home recording studio.
  • ·     Where to purchase equipment for a reasonable price.
  • ·     How to market yourself when you can't get a talent agency to promote you.
  • ·    How to find free tools and programs to edit your own audio-auditions and demos.
  • ·    How to get the experience you need for your voice-over resumé.
  • ·    Provide feedback and coaching on your VO performance.

If you are interested in a VO consultation with Penny Koons of Vo1cePAK, click on the Paypal button/drop-down menu - VO consultation and select your menu option for the time period that works best for you. Also please select menu options for the method of VO consultation i.e., Skype, In-person, or Phone

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