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Penny Ann Koons · Professional Voice Talent

#1 ·  Professional
#1 ·  Exceeds Expectations
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   Penny provided the steps needed in getting started in my voice-over career. Her easy going personality, willingness to share her experience and provide ideas for starting a voice-over business, is just what I needed! — Scott Fuchs, Client

   This coaching session was NOT at all rushed and I appreciate that! I really liked how it was up to me what the session focused on. All of the resources were great !— Colleen Cooper, Client

    I was fortunate to work with Penny Koons on an audio project for Olympic College. Penny was responsive and timely completing the project. She offered suggestions for various voice types. I am very pleased with the quality of the final e-learning Voice-over product. It was a pleasure to work with Penny. — Angela Dorsey, Educational Advisor, Olympic College

    The same skills and commitment to excellence that made Penny Koons such an asset to the United States Coast Guard were clearly evident in her time with me at Such A Voice. Motivated from the start, Penny hit the ground running and brought a players attitude to her voiceover studies. She quickly mastered required elements in pace, diction, inflection and script analysis. She understands how to really dig into a script and get to the vocal energy required by the writing. Early in our time together, Penny took the initiative to acquire her own scripts that she felt fit her voice well, further evidence of her motivation to succeed in this work. She rose to each challenge and met or exceeded expectations.

Penny’s spoken voice characteristics range from friendly and likeable to professional and assertive. She can sound compassionate and caring one minute, energetic and dramatic the next. Her vocal tone and delivery come from the core; hers is an authentic, no-nonsense approach presented with easy confidence.

I can say without hesitation that I truly enjoyed working with Penny. While it’s one thing to have a good voice, it is quite another to know how to communicate effectively. I believe Penny offers both, making her an excellent choice to be successful in any project put before her. — Nick Kaiser, Coach & Producer, Such A Voice

    Penny demonstrated excellent judgement in all situations and provided recommendations with a voice of reason in many difficult circumstances. She exemplified the highest ideals of professionalism, integrity and judgement. Penny effectively communicated with confidence while interacting with commands, peers, and subordinates. Her strengths as a communicator include being an active listener, coaching others in strong communication skills, and clear,concise relays of thoughts in an objective way. — R. Gromlich

    Penny's commitment and loyalty to people is beyond question. A valued and trusted leader of the community who has repeatedly proven to be an individual with the character through her maturity and judgement to uphold the core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty. — M. Baroody

    Penny demonstrates the highest qualities of honesty and fairness evident by the many positive and mutually beneficial relationships established within the organization and communities — T. Sullivan


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